Our Services 

In addition to our vast network of promotional products, Omni offers our clients value-added consulting services for both their internal and external marketing programs. These programs include the development and implementation of:

  • Incentive Programs
  • Continuity Programs
  • Identity Programs
  • Direct Mail Programs

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are award-winning creative professionals who help guide clients past the common pitfalls of these programs and succeed in making these programs an excellent return on investment. 

Incentive Programs 

Incentive Programs are used to motivate employees' performance, to push customers in a desired direction, and to improve out-sourced sales networks results.

  • Incentive Programs have a theme and a definite beginning and end.
  • Incentive Programs are customizable, and changeable throughout their life.
  • Incentive Programs are a cost effective way to track performance.

Continuity Programs 

One of the most effective uses of Promotional Products is in a Continuity Program. Continuity Programs take several different Promotional Products either from a similar category, like Golf or Clothing or Executive Gifts, or simply to be put together for an employee selection and imprint them with the same logo.

The benefit to a Continuity Program is the constant reinforcement of the company name and graphic identity, the feeling of belonging of the recipient and the potential feeling of accomplishment of the recipient.

Identity Programs

Identity programs involve Graphic Design, Copy Writing, Printing, and Continuity.

Identity Programs can be done for New Products or Services, New Businesses, or to Re-position a Product or Business in an existing market.

Omni has done several Re-Identity Programs. Enhancing and updating a tired logo or graphic identity, then re-designing corporate collateral materials to better reflect the companies focus, market, and position.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a cost effective and creative way of communicating with clients and prospects. Omni approaches Direct Mail from two perspectives:

General Direct Mail: Typically larger quantities (5000 +) General or Bulk Direct Mail is done with standard #10 envelopes or post cards, mailed at a bulk rate with a typical return of from 1 to 5%. Omni improves General Mail by making the vehicle more interesting: Products heat sealed or perfed onto cards, information contained in different packaging -- see through tubes and envelopes -- or simply adding a Promotional Product to an envelope will greatly increase the response rate.

Ultra Targeted Direct Mail is an Omni specialty. Very small but highly targeted mailing lists from 5 to 100 pieces are used. A most creative package is put together specific for the audience and event. Mailing is also done by First Class, Courier or FedEx. An Ultra Targeted Direct Mail program is always done in conjunction with telemarketing follow-up.